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PM Law Offices, Criminal Law: 34 Cumberland Street North, Suite 816, Hydro Building, Thunder Bay, Ontario

34 Cumberland Street North, Suite 816

Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7A 4L3

PM Law Offices Professional Corporation was founded by Peter Mrowiec, J.D., a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, shortly after his call to the bar in 1987. Located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, the firm practices solely in the area of criminal law and is exclusively devoted to the defence of persons accused of criminal, regulatory, and professional discipline offences.

Through the hundreds of trials he conducted over the course of his career, during which he rose to become one of the most respected criminal lawyers in Thunder Bay, Peter distilled the values required to be an effective advocate for the defence:

Preparation, as it is in the details that cases are won or lost, and an advocate is only as good as his brief;

Professionalism in all matters, in and out of court, as the reputation of an advocate precedes him;

Integrity in dealing with clients and the courts, as candour builds the credibility and persuasive force of an advocate; and

Fearlessness in the face of adversity, as protecting the rights and freedoms of those accused by the state of committing an offence demands no less.